A superior customer experience is realized when a new partnership becomes more than a partnership

Structured with three independent companies, FORCE Communications is a medical and marketing agency serving pharma, biotech and device companies in an environment of entrepreneurial spirit, scientific understanding, industry insight, and communications savvy.

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We have the flexibility to provide solutions that span across our clients’ medical affairs and marketing teams, and which bring scientific commercialization to life. This flexibilty is possible because our teams are aligned to yours and each team is focused on how your strategy fits into their function. Additionally, team has exerpience in the other areas allowing any team member to speak to the bigger picture.

Our Teams are aligned to Your Teams

  • Strategic Commercializaiton
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Scientific Innovation
  • Medical Affairs
    Medical Education
  • Customer Solutions
  • Project Management
    Tactical Execution
  • Creative and Technology
  • Multimedia and Technology

A superior customer experience is a collaboration of science and commercialization


Strategic Commercialization

Given the regulatory changes and redefined playing field for sales and marketing, the planning and tactics areas are necessary for creating a competitive advantage in the market have changed.

FORCE capabilities have been adjusted over time to continue to support our clients' objective of delivering a superior experience for their customers. FORCE strategic commercialization capabilities range from board-level company portfolio strategy to tactical brand planning for US and global teams. Our team members have deep experience in commercialization and broad knowledge of scientific innovation, customer solutions, and technology.

A superior customer experience is when new insight changes perception


Scientific Innovation

There's an underlying curiosity that drives our Scientific Innovation group, and an overarching well-roundedness that allows us to provide multi-dimensional support as a team.

Scientific Innovation is a team of precision storytellers who identify the most provocative messages to support strategic and educational objectives of each project. Because the Scientific Innovation team builds on a deep foundation of scientific knowledge with a knack for commercialization strategy and understanding of customer and technology solutions, we are able to tell compelling, robust, and compliant stories and provie meaningful engagement for our clients’ customers.

A superior customer experience is when your customer becomes your advocate


Customer Solutions

There is a sense of security that comes with knowng a project will be executed flawlessly, a confidence that comes in working with a team who has your back and is two steps ahead in every detail.

Our customer solutions team includes Certified Meeting Planners with Six Sigma project experience that become an extension of your team—not just task-takers, but true partners. With strong program, budget, and logistical expertise we provide deep undersanding of client medical, legal, and regualtory review and approval process management. We keep track of the details so you don’t have to, while continuously aligning with big-picture medical and marketing objectives.

A superior customer experience is when you don't have to know the details


Creative and Technology

It's not the individual ideas, but unplanned collaborations that break through the complex to bring a story to life. When this happens the energy is palpable and new possiblities can bring renewed energy into the whole team.

The minds responsible for visual innovation must constantly think differently, finding solutions that align to established strategy and convey a story. Our Creative and Technology group custom creates tools that fit our clients' unique needs with the goal that our clients will want to play show-and-tell with their customers. We are artistic storytellers using new media and science to bring the story to life in a way that is refreshing and exhilarating to customers.

A superior customer experience is complexity made clear and meaningful


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